Thursday, December 10, 2009

emailed December 9, 2009

December 9th already? I swear I can still taste the stuffing and gravy. But, really, I for one am rushing headlong into holiday bliss. This coming weekend I will be fully immersed in oyster-slurping, Champagne-sipping, cookie-baking, tree-trimming, egg-nogging festivities with family and friends. The next weekend it will be North Carolina barbeque and California Cab with my dad, lasagna and sweet tea with my grandmother, empanadas and margaritas with my mom. Oh, and presents. Lots of presents! Then we pack up the kids and head to the beautiful SC coast for a few days over Christmas. And somewhere in there has to be shopping, wrapping, cleaning and packing. Oh, yes. And work.

Except – lucky me! – work feels incredibly like an extension of the seasonal jollity. As in the rest of my life, I’m running around more than usual here. (Oenophilia is full-tilt. All day long.) Singing holiday songs along with BeyoncĂ© and Burl Ives. Eating lots and lots of cookies. The guys in the warehouse are coming in early and staying late so we can still turn around orders within 24 hours. We got a new shipment of samples yesterday and another today. It felt like Christmas morning unwrapping everything. And it’s so exciting when you, my customers, call to say, “Oh my goodness! I just sold all of those [mulled wine spices, ice chillers, wine bottle puzzles, bottle bouquets, show stoppers], and how quickly can you get me some more?”

It feels like a very good time to be in the business of wine and wine accessories. People are still drinking wine. They are enjoying their wine, dammit. The special occasion is now: holiday gatherings with family and friends. I think people feel, perhaps, more rewarded right now by the wine experience than by the wine investment, and the enjoyment of wine reaffirms all of our our hopes that pleasure is OK and that good company is – without a doubt – the best wine accessory of all.


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