Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutus & Mohawks & a Sale

I saw so many amazing things over the weekend; I don’t even know where to start.

Saturday morning, I was in a local independent toy store with my son, who was choosing a birthday present for a friend. The saleswomen were all atwitter and agog, completely transfixed by something on the other side of the little mall. I was dying to know what was going on, so as soon as we walked out I looked in the general direction of their interest. There was a new store getting ready to open. It was full – full! – of frilly pinkness. Think: six-year-old girls’ paradise. I’m not kidding. Every single thing in the shop was pink. That was surprising enough. But the person sitting on the floor – legs splayed, reaching up to hang fairy wings, princess dresses and ballerina tutus onto racks, wearing combat boots and cargo shorts – was sporting a cleanly shaved head, save for a Mohawk with eight-inch spikes. Awesome.

And later, when we went to the party, it was like stepping into another world. My son’s friend’s apartment was on the backside of the building. As we rounded the corner I saw groups of Burmese men – specifically Karen, I think – standing, talking, waving us in the direction of the festivities. There was a huge pot of something cooking outside. (I later found out it was goat.) Dozens of shoes were piled just outside the open door. My son quickly slipped off his Converse high tops and disappeared inside. I stood in the doorway. The floor was layered with carpets. There was no furniture. The birthday boy’s mother, in traditional dress, was seated with her back against the far wall. Other women surrounded her. An elderly gentleman, also traditionally dressed, welcomed me and took my offering of tangerines. I asked when I should come back. The party would end, he said, in five hours.

Later, I went for a walk through town and saw the most glorious star magnolia tree. Ever. Hidden on a side street, generously swathed in blossoms from top to bottom. Enough had already dropped to cover the ground. I stood under it and just inhaled. Aahhh.

And on Sunday I saw Duke win to advance to the Final Four. (Full disclosure: I am one of the rare Tarheels fans who are pulling for the Devils in the NCAA Tournament.) My brackets are actually looking pretty good.

There are some pretty amazing things to see on our website right now, too. We have Woozies® now! It’s a wine glass coozie and a crazy-hot seller. I recommend the pink. Or the cheetah. Rawrr. And the Pulltex Pullparrot opener. I love the orange. We’re having a big sale with up to 40% off of more than 40 products. If you’re not set up to access the wholesale side of the site, just request a login from me.

I’ve also got a special, beginning Thursday, April 1. 10% off of all Oenophilia product when you place an order of $250 or more. May not be combined with other offers and all the usual small print stuff. Ends Friday, April 9. We will be closed on April 2 for Good Friday.


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