Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Wine Lovers Are People, Too

Once again, here in North Carolina, we have gone straight from winter to summer. Central heat to A/C. Sweaters to sundresses. A week ago I had to put on a coat to go check an order in the warehouse. Today they’ve got the big fans running out there. On my lunch break today I went for a walk and got pink cheeks, pollen-coated eyeballs and blistered feet from my flip flops. Spring, as it were, has sprung.

Last night, in celebration of the NCAA championship and the warm sunny weather, I had an amazing wine: 2006 Weingut Knoll Loibner Riesling Federspiel. I mean, this stuff was crazy good. And it got me thinking about how white wine drinkers are so often left out. There are truly fabulous whites out there – like Txakoli, Beaujolais Blanc, Rkatsiteli – and it makes me a little nuts when they get sidelined in favor of, well, anything else that just happens to be red.

Red wine drinkers get to use all kinds of cool gadgets, too. Hey, I like gadgets, so I decided to try aerating the Riesling using the Vinturi aerator for white wine. Oh, my! It opened up with oxygenation and really just kind of blew up in my mouth. Delicious. I was reminded that ALL wines, unless they are very old, can benefit from aeration. Tonight I’m going to try a simple bottle-top aerator like the OxyMor on another bottle of white. Perhaps a 2008 Domaine Labranch Laffont Pacherenc Du Vic-Bilh Sec. It is spring, after all. And my team did win.

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