Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Things Come?

I don’t like to wait. At all. I’m not talking about your garden variety impatience. I swear. I’ve got that, too. In spades. But I am capable of looking forward to something for days, weeks, months, a year without losing my mind over it; I just don’t happen to believe in postponing wonderfulness for no reason other than to “save it for later.”

In my mind, nothing will ever get any better simply because I have put it off. If anything, the opposite happens: the act of deliberately delaying gratification has a directly negative effect on the joy I feel when the moment does happen.

Now, I have been told – by, oh, just a few people who may or may not know what they are talking about – that my stubbornness far exceeds normal levels. Fine. Got it. But if I want something reasonable and feasible and I am told to wait because someone wants to make the thing or the experience overly precious, well, I don’t take it very well.

I would rather break every single one of the “good” dishes because we were enjoying using them than have them sit around collecting cobwebs. Because, uh, yeah, dusting is something I’m always ready to “save for later.”

Pretty candles? Burn ‘em. Fancy lotion? Rub it on. Artisan chocolate sea salt caramels? Yes, please. I’ll take three, for here. Hand-milled lavender soap hand-carried over from the South of France? Ooh la la lather up.

Wine is a different story, though. I was all set to open a 2004 Conde de Hervías Rioja last night. It was just an ordinary Sunday night, but I wanted to try that wine. I’d made up my mind, dammit. I was this close with the corkscrew, wild-eyed and intent.

Suddenly, the clouds parted, and I heard a voice from above saying “It’s too early! Wait.” Then the wine gods proffered a ram-in-the-pre-phylloxera-thicket Domaine Henri & Philippe Gallet Côte Rôtie 1999 to take the place of my prematurely sacrificial Isaac/Rioja. And you know what? For once, I listened. There's a part of me that really believes that 2004 Rioja will be worth the wait. Unless I get really thirsty.

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting our new catalog, don’t worry. You didn’t miss it. We are adding lots of exciting products this spring, and for now you can keep up-to-date via the website. We’ll also be sending out real time New Arrival email announcements, and I expect to have a beautiful new book in your hands around the first of June.

Believe me when I tell you, it will be worth the wait.


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